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Jenny delivering KS Dept of Educ
Williams Syndrome Awareness
President of CEC
Donation for KCity
JennyLU is at the Kansas Capitol
Jenny and Wendy
JennyLU presenting at Heartstrings
JennyLU at Topeka NOTO
Eastern Illinois Univ Donation
Jenny is featured in KU publication
JennyLU donates to PBS
Jenny is featured in KanCare
Jenny and CEC Arkansas
Jenny and possible WS adults
JennyLU & Ronald McDonald House
JennyLU donates art to SACK Conf
JennyLU shared in 'aha'
JennyLU Cancer donation $500
JennyLU donating sales to ZX Frat
Jenny/JennyLU in panel
Alex Lemonade Stand
Jenny and Topeka Police Dept
Jenny and Katheryn Sebelius
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